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Loading... Get YouTube without the ad Live Sub Count refers to the real-time number of subscribers of an influencer. In most occasions, the live subscriber count equals to the number of the real-time YouTube subscriber count, and helps people to learn more about the YouTuber's activity level and engagement #DURecorder #Superhot #live this is a real time of pewdiepie subscribers and t-series subscribers like share and subscribe guys #pewdiepie #t-series #prabowo #jokowi Streaming langsung momen.

PewDiePie real time subscriber count updates every second. Tips: Due to the adjustment of YouTube, now the number of subscribers only displays three digit number. Top List. Top 100 Subscribed YouTubers . Top 100 Growth YouTubers . Share On: English. English View the daily YouTube analytics of PewDiePie and track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts Analysis; YouTuber Calculator Help you estimate YouTube channel value in seconds; YouTube Video Analytics Help analyze video performance and optimize YouTube SEO; YouTuber Compare Compare YouTubers in 5 dimensions and get the report; YouTube Live Sub Count The best tool for real-time sub count updates every second; Influencer Marketing Calculator Get Your Promotion Result Before Cooperatio The most advanced realtime statistics for YouTube! View someone's subscribers, views, videos and much more in real-time! The 'Subscriber Count' app allows you to view your YouTube subscriber amount in real-time! It is very easy to use, just open the app, fill in your channel's ID or username and press search!.

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  1. YouTube Realtime shows the live subscriber count of any user on YouTube as accurately as possible. YouTube often doesn't update the subscriber count on the website in real time and hence it's hard to keep a track on when you'll hit a new milestone
  2. The Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie, who is 30, posted his last video on YouTube three days ago. After gaining millions and millions of subscribers and beating T-series in the race last year, PewDiePie now wants to take a break from the daily routine and probably spend some time with his wife Marzia Bisognin, who he married a year ago
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  4. For example, under the change, T-Series — the Indian music-video channel that recently surpassed PewDiePie to become the most-subscribed channel on the platform — would be listed in all public.
  5. PewDiePie had, at press time, 44,426,617 subscribers. PewDiePie's real name is Felix Kjellberg . He's 26 and lives in Brighton, U.K., though he grew up in Sweden

PewDiePie has over 107 million subscribers on YouTube PewDiePie began saving money in order to fly to Italy to spend time with his new lady, making multiple trips over just 12 weeks PewDiePie. In second place is Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie, who you have probably heard of. He is known for his sketches and gaming videos. As of July 2020, he has 105 million subscribers and he was. Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg surpassed 100 million YouTube subscribers on Saturday, becoming the first individual creator to do so after Bollywood channel T-Series. Many creators celebrated his. PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is a 30-year-old Swedish comedian and video gamer who has built a following of 107 million subscribers on YouTube. The only bigger channel on the video-sharing platform is T-Series, an Indian music and movie service with 158 million subscribers PewDiePie realtime subscriber count, subscribers live count (real-time

PewDiePie has announced he is quitting YouTube in 2020. The 30-year-old vlogger - who has amassed 102 million subscribers on his channel and earned an estimated £25 million fortune in the process. This live sub count tool can help you know the growth status of any YouTube Channel. In live subscriber count, we request the data at every successive interval of time. You can see the subscriber count incrementing of big channels like PewDiePie, T-series very easily as a large number of people subscribe them in short interval of time YouTube updates the number of subscribers a channel has (its subscriber count) after a long time. On YouCount, the subscriber count, of any YouTube channel, is live and is updated every second! SHOW STATS button can be clicked to see extra insights of the YouTube channel PewDiePie was the most subscribed YouTube channel for six years and was dethroned by Bhushan Kumar's T-Series in 2019. He was taken back with the defeat and ended up in controversies for blaming the music label for selling pirated songs. T-Series vs PewDiePie was one of the most talked-about battle in the video world

Live YouTube Subscriber Count With APK: This app allows you to get accurate results of Live YouTube Subscriber Count, at the same time it shows other data like a number of videos uploaded, comments, a total number of channel views and more. The main goal of this app is to track real time subscribers every second, results are taken directly from Google's service Starting on 2 September 2011, he also began posting weekly vlogs under the title of Fridays with PewDiePie. By December 2011, Kjellberg's channel had around 60,000 subscribers, and on 9 May 2012, it reached 500,000 subscribers. Around the time his channel earned 700,000 subscribers, Kjellberg spoke at Nonick Conference 2012 The Wallem AR blockchain game is not the first time the famous Youtuber Pewdiepie has endorsed distributed ledger technology. In February 2018, Pewdiepie poked fun at Youtubers who shilled the. The best, lightest real-time subscriber counter on the web. View PewDiePie's real-time subscriber count, updated every 2 seconds. The best, lightest live sub counter on the web. View PewDiePie's real-time subscriber count, updated every 2 seconds. Real-Time YouTube Subscriber Count by @ColleensCuber search. Night mode. Sound. Subscribers to.

YouTuber PewDiePie Marries Longtime Girlfriend Marzia Bisognin: See the Stunning Pictures I'm the happiest I can be, the gamer, who has more than 99 million subscribers, wrote The best, lightest real-time subscriber counter on the web. View PewDiePie's real-time subscriber count, updated every 2 seconds. The best, lightest live sub counter on the web. View PewDiePie's real-time subscriber count, updated every 2 seconds. Real-Time YouTube Subscriber Count by @ColleensCuber search. Night mode. Sound. Subscribers to.

To those outside his online fanbase, the bizarre success of PewDiePie - real name, Felix Kjellberg - remains confounding. His YouTube sub count has just passed 100 million YouTube creator PewDiePie hit a major milestone by becoming the first person to surpass 100 million subscribers on the video platform. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15. This is a PewDiePie's Subscriber Count for YouTube. The count displayed on YouTube is often incorrect because it doesn't update in real time. The count on this page is taken directly from YouTube API and hence is as accurate as possible. Example of channels : Shady Luis De Angelo K.A.M velomasteraRU Toys in Surprise Eggs Hayha Game PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has 104 million subscribers at YouTube, where his videos have racked up more than 25 billion views. No details were disclosed regarding any financial incentives involved in his decision to go exclusive at Google-owned YouTube, which competes with rival platforms such as Amazon-owned Twitch and. At the time of publication, the top 10 trending videos on YouTube included trailers for movies and a video game, a clip from a big broadcast TV show and a pro sports league's post

CONTROVERSIAL gaming star PewDiePie has signed an exclusive live-streaming deal with YouTube. The 30-year-old Swede, real name Felix Kjellberg, penned a similar deal with a rival platform last. The best, lightest real-time subscriber counter on the web. View any YouTube channel's real-time subscriber count, updated every 2 seconds Despite not uploading anything for over a month, PewDiePie's channel didn't suffer while he was gone. According to Social Blade, his account continued to garner millions of views a day, and his subscriber count only continued to grow.. Currently, PewDiePie has over 103 million subscribers on YouTube, making him the second-most subscribed to channel on the platform, behind only T-Series As of March 29, the label has beaten PewDiePie by over 80,000 subscribers and counting - leading some fans to wonder if this is truly the end of his reign as YouTube's most subscribed channel. PewDiePie and T-Series have been duking it out for nearly half a year - but the YouTube king may have lost his throne

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PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg, has more than 100 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. DLive It comes three years after YouTube's most significant rift with PewDiePie Login GetRealSubs.com, Feed all your YouTube channels (Automatically get 5-10 subscribers for each channel on adding) Select Plan. Select plan, Each plan will provide you A number of subscribers that you can use for any channel in your list. Get result. You will start to see new subscribes for all channels, you chosen to start. If we fai On Sunday he announced he will be quitting YouTube in 2020. And a day later, PewDiePie wiped his Twitter account of all its tweets, keeping the profile there only to 'prevent fake accounts' PewDiePie vs T-Series - Real Time Subscriber Count Live on Youtube Aaobe Solutions December 12, 2018 Most Subscribed YouTuber, Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg, may be the most subscribed to you to lose your location as YouTuber, because the Indian record label T-Series is on its expiration speed Pewdiepie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has often complained about the demonetization of his videos by Youtube for a long while now, whether due to controversy, copyright claims or other.


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YouTube's most popular celebrity appears to be having a bit of a breakdown. PewDiePie, the Swedish vlogger (real name: Felix Kjellberg) famous for playing video games and making funny voices. Oct 31, 2018 - PewDiePie VS T-Series Real Time YouTube Subscriber Counting More information about our sponsor: https://bdtime.com.bd/ Our official Facebook Page:- https://w.. Pewdiepie Hits 50 Million YouTube Subscribers, Says He'll Delete Channel Tomorrow. Share. 17. setting up livestreams to monitor the numbers or opting to watch subscriber counts in real time.

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Oct 30, 2018 - PewDiePie VS T-Series Real Time YouTube Subscriber Counting PewDiePie or Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg born 24 October 1989), He known online as PewDiePie, is a. Its real-time subscriber counter has become the face of success, and sometimes failure. the whole PewDiePie vs T-Series meme wouldn't have even been a thing or 10 million subscribers is. Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie lost 40,000 subscribers after YouTube do have are real fans! PewDiePie and the Indian music label T-Series have been battling it out to be YouTube's most.

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Yet, this time around all indicators suggests this is the real deal. Burnout. PewDiePie is one of the most prolific creators on YouTube, uploading daily videos for the better part of his career on the platform. Even going so far as to pre-record content to upload when on vacation and sharing deeply personal events such as his wedding with his. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. PewDiePie signs exclusive deal with YouTube boasts approximately 104 million YouTube subscribers, his user page shows, and. Earlier this year, PewDiePie, who currently has 102 million subscribers, was overtaken as the biggest YouTube channel in the world by Bollywood record label T-Series, which now has more than 121. These are the most popular Channels sorted by YouTube Subscribers. A list with the most popular A list with the most popular YouTube Channels right now. These are the most popular Channels sorted by YouTube Subscribers. Top YouTube Channels: Most Subscribers. T-Series vs. PewDiePie

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Bhushan Kumar's T-Series and vlogger Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie are fighting to attain the number one spot in terms of subscribers on YouTube. The race took a nationalist tone when Bhushan Kumar urged Indians to subscribe to the T-Series channel under #BharatWins campaign to 'defeat' the Swedish YouTuber Felix Pewdiepie Kjellberg has become the first independent creator to gain 100 million subscribers on YouTube. Despite previous controversies, Kjellberg's recent focus on Minecraft means that.

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PewDiePie. YouTube. Forbes has put PewDiePie's earnings at $15.5 million in 2018, and when we wrote that article, he only had 72.5 million subscribers, which shows just how fast he's. YouTube's most subscribed channel PewDiePie is about to be dethroned by Indian record label T-Series, according to their live count on SocialBlade. This is u.. Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg has finally achieved the goal of reaching 100 million subscribers on YouTube. While he may have lost his meme-filled battle with Indian music channel T-Series, he still remains the first individual YouTuber to reach 100 million subs, putting himself far above the rest PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, is YouTube's biggest independent video-maker with more than 104 million subscribers. But he signed an exclusive deal with rival platform Dlive in 2019

T-Series has been rapidly gaining YouTube subscribers over the past year. But one week and an intense marketing campaign later, PewDiePie now sits almost 700,000 subscribers ahead, with close to. PewDiePie, 29, who hails 102 million YouTube subscribers, announced over the weekend that he will stop creating content on the platform in 2020. In a video titled YouTube's New Update Has A.

Last year, PewDiePie, who currently has 102 million subscribers, was overtaken as the biggest YouTube channel in the world by Bollywood record label T-Series, which now has more than 121 million. After making his name in 2010 with funny videos of himself playing video games, PewDiePie had close to 14.7 billion video views on his main YouTube channel at the time of the Nazi scandal

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Popular, free and easy-to-use network that brings YouTube Subscribers, Likes and Views every day. It is a community of real people helping each other to grow their channels. Sign up and get first 15 subscribers now YouTube sensation Felix Kjellberg, who runs a channel with the name PewDiePie, posted his last video on the video streaming platform on January 15. The famous gamer and comedian uploaded the final video and titled it as 'It's been real, but I'm out! It's the question of the century. Will PewdiePie stay on the throne of Youtube and be the first one to have 100 million subscribers? Will he be overthrown by T-series? The question although seems simple enough to answer but is not. Here are some o.. Is PewDiePie finally ready to unplug from the interwebs (for real this time)?. On Sunday, the YouTube star announced he will be taking a break from the platform in 2020, confessing to his.

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Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie has posted one last video before taking a well-earned break. In a video titled It's been real, but I'm out, posted ahead of his break from the video platform, PewDiePie can be seen sipping a drink and announces his exit. I'm savouring every moment, he said PewDiePie is one of the world's highest-paid YouTube stars, earning an estimated $14.5 million a year, but has come under fire for posting several videos featuring anti-Semitic jokes or images. Your subscriber count reflects how many people have subscribed to follow your YouTube channel. You can find your exact subscriber count in YouTube Studio.. The subscriber count on your dashboard in YouTube Studio and the YouTube Studio mobile app is updated in near real time See 100% accurate live subscriber counts for your favorite YouTubers & your own channel. Live Sub Count updates every second. It's FREE. Try it out

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PewDiePie Bio-Wiki, Real Name. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was born on 24 October 1989 in Gothenburg Sweden; he is best known by his nickname on his YouTube channel as PewDiePie. His parents are Lotta Kristine Johann and Ulf Christian Kjellberg. His father was a chief executive in a company and mother a former CIO at Kappahi. Felix has a sister PewDiePie looking deep into our souls in this head shot YouTube Live streaming is something I'm focusing a lot on in 2020 and beyond, so to be able to partner with YouTube and be at the forefront.

Recently two channels PewDiePie and T-Series exceeded the 100 million subscribers benchmark and this was a completely new addition for YouTube. To celebrate this, YouTube launched its Red Diamond Play button that is named after the rarest form of the diamond the Red Diamond 2013: PewDiePie is the largest YouTube channel of all time 2019: PewDiePie loses the title to T-Series T-Series finally overtook him and after almost 7 years PewDiePie became the second most popular YouTube channel with 104 million subscribers At BRSM you can buy 100 real Youtube subscribers or 25000 real Youtube subscribers all in one simple order! Our Youtube subscribers service is unique because we send the subscribers faster than any other service on the internet and it is 100% safe for your account. A majority of the traffic that is online these days primarily comes through YouTube YouTube routinely audits accounts to make sure stats, like video views and channel subscribers, are accurate and only reflect real, actual users. One of these automated audits hit PewDiePie's.

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Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie has married his long-time partner Marzia Bisognin after eight years together. The 29-year-old comedian and gamer, real name Felix Kjellberg, revealed the news in a. Swedish Let's Player and web comedian PewDiePie is the most-subscribed individual user on YouTube, with 107 million subscribers as of November 2020. [6] The following table lists the fifty most-subscribed channels on YouTube, [A] with each total rounded down to the nearest million subscribers, [6] as well as the primary language and content. Buy YouTube subscribers to promote YouTube channel fast or buy YouTube views to promote YouTube videos. Large number of real YouTube subscribers and YouTube views count together with other popular YouTube metrics such as YouTube watch time and YouTube likes help videos and channels rank higher in suggested and search results

T-Series est la première chaîne YouTube au monde àPewDiePie and Anita Sarkeesian among Time Magazine's '30PewdiePie dumped by Google, Disney over anti-SemitismTypical Gamer | Wikitubia | FANDOM powered by WikiaPewDiePie and Anita Sarkeesian Make It To Time'sHow Much Do the Top Ten Youtubers Make? - Money Nation30 Celebrities Who Messed Up Big Time – The Viraler

Clearly, PewDiePie has a problem with this policy, and in the video, he goes into detail about how other channels have been suffering from this update. PewDiePie argues that the policy change is too little, too late. The YouTube landscape is anarchy, and content creators have been left to call each other out for inappropriate content The first time my stepson showed me a PewDiePie video, it made me feel old. Most of the screen was a video game—except a small box in the corner, which showed the 20-something guy playing it Swedish vlogger PewDiePie has revealed he's going to take a break from YouTube next year after spending a decade making videos for his channel. The 30-year-old, whose real name is Felix Arvid. YouTube superstar PewDiePie has announced he's taking a breaking from the video sharing platform in 2020 as he's feeling very tired.. The vlogger hit a whopping 100million subscribers earlier this year but has revealed he won't be working on his videos next year. Making the announcement in his latest Pew News video, PewDiePie - real name Felix Kjellberg - said he would be going on hiatus. PewDiePie has now left Twitter after announcing he would be taking a break from YouTube in 2020. The YouTuber wiped all his tweets from his account and unfollowed everyone, but left his profile to. PewDiePie is at the center of a campaign to overtake T-Series' YouTube subscriber count, with the Indian channel threatening to surpass the long-time most-subscribed YouTuber.With plenty of.

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